Our approach

Search Process

Each search assignment involves a complex process based on a proven approach. This is designed to ensure maximum efficiency and transparency for our clients throughout the duration of the assignment.


Each assignment involves five stages:

Analyse and define the need

The majority of Synapse Executive Search consultants come from management consulting backgrounds and are aware that good recruitment starts with a good understanding of the position and its environment. This first phase requires discussions with one or more of the parties involved in the search (General Management, Human Resources Management, Operational Management, etc.)


Build a real value proposition for the candidate

Having the knowledge of the general expectations of the candidates they are looking for and advising, the consultants make sure, in the interest of the client, that the position constitutes a real value proposition for the ideal candidate targeted. Any candidate of value legitimately expects an upside by leaving, at his own risk, one company to join another. Compensation is only part of the answer: the position in its outline, its expectations and the scope of responsibility associated with it must represent an additional challenge for the candidate. Similarly, the prospects offered to candidates must be attractive in the event of success (nature of the next position, possibility of association, equity etc.).


If we are convinced that the value proposition is not convincing to the target candidate, we do not hesitate to propose to our client a redefinition of the position and its associated conditions.


The search only begins once the job content and the search strategy have been approved by the client in the form of a contractual commitment.


Identify and select candidates

The consultant and his research manager first identify the target companies. Once this list has been validated by the client, the research manager proceeds with the identification of potential candidates. The consultant reports on the progress of the mission during a weekly meeting with the client. After an initial telephone interview, the candidates that we consider the most suitable are met by the consultant in charge of the file. Based on these interviews, we establish a list of eligible candidates "long list".


Finally, following our exchanges with our client, we compose a "short list" of 3 to 5 candidates among the most motivated and best suited to the needs expressed. A final search report and a confidential file presenting each of the selected profiles are given to the client.


Organise a meeting with shortlisted candidates

Once the shortlist has been presented to the client, the consultant organises interviews between the client and the shortlisted candidates. Professional references are also verified at this stage. Given the expectations of both the client and candidates at this stage in the process, the consultant plays an essential role as a facilitator in discussions, and also during the final contract negotiation stage.


Following the candidate’s integration with the firm

In most cases, the successful candidate will take up the post several months after signature of a contract. During this period, the consultant plays an important role in ensuring the smooth transition of the candidate. Once the candidate is in post, the consultant follows his or her evolution throughout the guarantee period (four months).

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