Our approach

Our commitments

Our job is both a passion and a vocation. We are motivated first and foremost by the desire to contribute to our clients’ success. At Synapse, all of our stakeholders (Associates, Consultants, Research Managers and external partners) share the same core values:


We strive to offer unrivalled service. Expansion is not our priority. Our sole objective is the satisfaction of our clients and candidates. They are our best and only brand ambassadors.



We decline assignments where we feel that our capacity to meet expectations fully may be limited. We put all of our energy and means into delivering results in the assignments that we do take on regardless of the challenge and any unforeseen difficulties. We see ourselves as long-term business partners, a short-term profit motive would only undermine our desire to build lasting relationships.



Respecting and understanding individuality is the very foundation of our business. Our ability to listen, advise, empathise and interact with individuals, and our attention to equality and diversity, are character traits that our clients see in us as do most importantly our candidates.


We all share the view that competencies have no ethnic, age, sex, or religious roots.



We owe our clients our objective and unreserved judgement on the feasibility of the assignment, and on the value of their potential offer. We provide our clients with accurate and detailed progress reports throughout the search assignment, taking the time to ensure that our clients have well-founded, detailed and verified information on the candidates that we recommend.


Our candidates receive timely, straightforward and constructive feedback on the reasons for their selection or non-selection for a post. We advise them on the opportunities that are best suited to their profiles and personalities. We help them to formulate realistic plans and expectations, taking into account their competencies, personal values and life ambitions.

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