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Luxury, Retail & FMCG

Major mergers and a more balanced relationship between retailers and consumer goods manufacturers have transformed the Retail and FMCG sector. In addition, all of these players are now heavily expanding in emerging markets, which represent strategic growth opportunities as they face increasing challenging environments in their home markets.

All of these changes lead to high demand for vision, the ability to apprehend multicultural stakes and accompany these complex organisations in their transformation.


The luxury industry has moved away from being a niche or boutique activity over the last two decades. It is now a fast-growing global market in which European players still have good assets with which to thrive in the face of global competition. But this will remain the case only if they continue to attract and retain the best emerging executives.


Only the best leaders having both the passion for traditional craftsmanship and the ability to tackle business and growth issues similar to those of major consumer goods players will enable these organisations to maintain sustainable and profitable growth.


Our expertise covers a broad spectrum:

  • Global retail,
  • Consumer goods processing and manufacturing,
  • Cosmetics industry,
  • Luxury goods manufacturers and retailers.

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