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The challenges of globalisation are no longer a new challenge for industrial players: mergers, restructuring, off shoring, technological evolutions and revolutions… These profound changes have led the world of industry to revisit its approach to recruitment and career management, especially when it comes to their leaders and the new talent that is Synapse Executive Search’s core market.

Our extensive experience and hands-on approach – often involving visits to industrial sites in France and abroad – allows us to situate our work within the realities on the ground. This has also led us to better understand some core characteristics that good managers in industry have in common: a financial focus and the ability to handle pressure; mobility and flexibility, and – above all – their ability to work in challenging environments.
We are all too conscious of the fact that, while industry offers a career adventure, it also faces challenges in attracting talent in the face of the financial crisis, and competition for skills from an ever-growing service sector.

It is the job of Synapse’s teams to find these managers, and to act as your ambassador in our dealings with them. Key areas of work include:

  • Automotive industry
  • Mining
  • Paper and packaging
  • Mecanical and electronic industries
  • Aeronautic and defence
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture products


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